There are those who give more importance to content of tin box, underestimating the impact of appearance, while others focus on the external aspects, in an attempt to capture the attention of buyers. In our mind, these two concepts should not be posed in opposition with one another.

High quality metal packaging is noticed , remembered and able to inspire sensory perceptions.

At the same time, a similar tin box conveys the attention and desire of the brand that chose this solution, and implicitly enhances its content.

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mei jia

Dongguan Mei Jia Tin Box Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Mei Jia Tin Box Co.,Ltd,established In 2005,is a professional manufacturer in tin packaging field. Our factory locates in china famous production center Dongguan Qishi Town,near Changping Train Station,with convenient transportation.Our factory occupies 10000 square meters with modern facilities and has a large number of highly qualified management personnel and experienced skilled technical staff. We could offer one-stop service Including:Tooling design,film output, bulk printing& Production,goods delivery.

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